I recently drove Falken Industries'roadster at a corporate event for distributors and industry press - that was okay because people can't wait to let you by, just to have a closer look.

  John David is one of the nation's most respected expert analysts on the Automobile After-Market Industry.

  Having beaten off (mostly) the hunger, cold and deadly infections that have spoiled the fund for several millennia we're now convinced that full fat milk is a global killer.

  This is because while they have no intention of passing, you're not allowed either; when you overtake, you're breaking rank, rocking the boat; you're dropping your socially numbing drugs and starting to feel real emotions.You know the problem with society today? We're far too happy and contented. An enthusiast just wants to drive his car, not drift in a fog, but driving with your brain engaged is "dangerous". In a second they switch mode from dribbling imbecile to affronted civic leader. Car care maintenance has become a regular obligation save for those that are fortunate enough to exchange a chemical products budget for that of a new car payment. Now I see others worry still more. He also conducts a private practice as a consultant in capital raises, mergers and acquisitions for small to medium size manufacturers in the consumer, professional and industrial chemical, wipe, wet wipe and car and vehicular care industries.

  . We all know FLKI and its best known product conceptions under the Clean Plus® brand has a reputation already for its leadership in the industry, but the company has taken this to new heights sponsoring and participating in world wide sports racing events. Forget the issues of minors, licenses etc. Those that would be police in my part of the world have stricken the heart of car enthusiasts; you're now an offender if you overtake a car. But in the meantime remember to show your real humanity, that spark of car and independence, by not following the herd. Nowadays, they all get the same reaction - when I look in the mirror after passing someone, I see shocked faces, flashing headlights and hand gestures. Dark and mysterious bureaucrats in government redesign roads to deliberately reduce visibility and crate adverse cambers, all to cause accidents and so slow people down. Falken Industries Ltd is the concept behind more than 160 products distributed through a network of global platforms and the recipient of trade awards for innovations, biodegradability and environmental and health quality standards. I'm not talking about tire-squealing charges in the face of oncoming traffic - I'm talking about legitimate, smooth maneuvers on empty roads. But this 1959 Triumph TR3 A with its loaded history of roadster rallies and Le Mans and other speed and endurance markings is an open invitation for undisguised hatred on the road.

  Falken Industries Ltd OTC : FLKI is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in Chemicals, Wet Wipe and Biodegradable Technology. Road maintenance makes you feel like your car is going to fall apart when you get out and slam the door. "How dare you overtake me"?

  People even close up the gap, so you can't squeeze in front of them, happier to see you pulverized in a head-on collision than get away with such antisocial behavior as passing them by. Every enthusiast, child and woman looks upon the car in awe. Cultural paranoia suggests that exposing my children to sunlight without 100% total screen caked upon them will have a fatal effect in the long run; and letting them ride a bike without a helmet - well I should expect social services at the door !

  On the road cars are safer then they have ever been. It's not allowed. In an environment like this overtaking someone is like walking into a stranger's house and switching TV China air compressor motors Factory channels while they're in the middle of watching their favorite soap. They're packed with safety, airbags compressed in cubbyholes, and warnings are everywhere in the road system telling of your entry into a crumble zone. I need a sign in the back window next to the Clean Plus® racing stripes that says "What"?

  Some cars are worse than others. Sharp, responsive and devastatingly quick like their corporate strategies, the FLKI half a century old roadster exclusively maintained with Clean Plus® products looks sparkling new as it skips down a line of traffic like a pebble across a pond, each move made in utter control and confidence by the driver; me. He holds appointments as a covering analyst with some of the world's largest players. This dystopian vision is of a future where we all stop thinking for ourselves and follow each other moronically like sheep. Kids waive, drivers give the thumbs up.

  I dig out my overalls, grab my Clean Plus® high ended tool and product kit, polish and detail the car, drink full fat milk, buy another thousand shares of FLKI and then ride my bike around the park without a helmet.

  But all this doesn't go well with all. This is now a dangerous offence. Now more than ever, we follow each other on autopilot in a 50 mph mobile queue, absorbed in some mindless local radio and totally oblivious to the machinery beneath us.

  The law is there for us too.

  So I think my conclusion is, we're all doomed and we might as well blow our brains out now and be done with it. Not that I'm pushing sickness and disease to make the world a more pleasant place to live, but a sense of proportion wouldn't go amiss. It's now illegal to eat while driving. Obviously I'm not suggesting you drive fast and overtake things, because that would be dangerous and irresponsible but you could do as I do, when I want to stand up for myself.

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